Patient Testimonials
I have been an avid massage fan for over 20 years, and consider myself lucky to have found among the best therapists in each town I have lived in. Karla is one in a million... her extreme therapeutic knowledge and competence, combined with her kind and caring nature, make her among the most outstanding massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure to encounter!!! - N.K

"Wow! Holy Smokes! Karla is probably the best massage therapist I have ever been to, so thanks again, and you should definately come out, if for no other reason than to get your body some serious massage love! :) We have several massage schools here, so you would think that there would be all kinds of great therapists, but there's not...there are lots of crappy ones however. Karla does great deep tissue, she is very centered/grounded/present, and comfortable sharing your space. It really has been a long time since I've gotten work from such a well rounded therapist; she is definately worth the flight :) " August 7, 2008 - L.A.

“Karla is phenomenal! I have fibromyalgia, so I'm difficult to massage properly, but Karla is an expert, and it shows. I got weekly massage from her for several months, and it helped tremendously. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone.” March 31, 2008 - S.L.

“Karla has a wonderful caring touch in her massage sessions--I would hire her again! She is thoughtful and very knowledgable!”
April 1, 2008 - J.D.

"My mother-in-law booked me a series of massages with Karla shortly after the birth of my first son. What a wonderful gift! Karla's warmth and her expertise were so reassuring. Well-versed in the special needs of pregnant women and nursing mothers, Karla was so helpful in speeding along my recovery from C-section surgery." L.Y.

The most frequent comments I receive are these:
"Best massage I've ever had!"
"I feel like a million bucks!"
"If I could have a massage every day from you, I would."

"I received an excellent massage from Karla. Having had many massages in the past (but unfortunately not often enough!) I was pleased by the way she tailored the experience to suit what I needed (lots of work on my shoulder and extremely good neck work!). Too often I have had massages that seem "routine" or formulaic, but Karla has the experience and knowledge to know how to concentrate on the areas that need it most without neglecting other areas or over-doing it. And she can come to your house! Definitely recommended!"- G.N.

"As a newbie to the pleasures and benefits of massage therapy, Karla Linden was a great introduction. Her professionalism and confidence reflected her many years of experience and made me at ease with the process. Karla explained every step of the massage to me before she started, and she asked me detailed questions about my body’s past injuries and current stresses so that my massage was perfectly tailored to fit my needs. I found her style to be an ideal balance between meditative moments and attention to my physical tensions, all of which resulted in a very soothing experience.  Thank you again. L. and I look forward to being able to repeat the pleasure someday soon." - A.W.

"Karla is a sweet, wonderful person, and her skills as a massage therapist are enhanced by her personality. She takes the time to get to know you and understand your background/history so that she can custom tailor a massage for you. I miss her terribly! New Mexico is lucky to have such a wonderful massage therapist living in their state!"
- D.S. - May 2007

"Ended up at Karla's place today, where she gave me one of the best full body massages I've ever experienced. The ones I've gotten at Natural Body were great, but Karla put 'em all to shame. The pain I was enduring from my personal trainer's previous torture session all but disappeared..." - B.C.

"Fantastic Sweet Relief.
I had been having problems with my shoulder and back and Karla was able to alleviate the pain. After months of stretching and trying to work it out myself it was sweet relief. I would recommend her to anyone as she has a gentle firm touch and works in a relaxed atmosphere. You have no choice but to leave feeling more relaxed and less stressed than when you arrived. It is a very pleasant experience." - B.A.

"Thorough and Soothing
I went to Karla for my massage at 40 weeks pregnant as a late-pregnancy treat-- and boy was it! She has a very peaceful but focused bedside manner that immediately put me at ease. She was knowledgeable about the problem areas of late pregnancy and painstaking in her efforts to address them. And now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I definitely intend on seeing her again!" - C.C.

"Fabulous massage
Karla is a wonderful massage therapist. I just recently went to her for a prenatal massage and it was just fantastic. I had not received a massage in awhile, and she was able to work out all of my tension. I'm definitely going back soon." - C.L.

"Incredible Healing Massage
Karla is a terrific masseuse that has a wonderful ability to "listen" to the body's pain and tension. She is also gifted in the area of neck massage. I highly recommend Karla!" - S.M.

"bestest massage ever!
can't wait for an excuse to visit Atlanta so i can get more!"
- Kumi, International Fetish Model

"I have had the privilege of dealing with approximately 10 massage therapists in recent years, and while I've enjoyed each experience, the massage I had with Karla is right at the top of my list. Karla is a healer in every sense of the word-- I left feeling renewed, mentally and physically. I can't wait for my next appointment." - R.J.

"You were great, sensitive and nurturing, prompt and professional. I will definitely call you again!"- Sherri

"Dear Karla,
Thank you so much for that wonderful massage and for that nice discount.
I have never felt my voice so so opened up for a performance.
You did the trick.  I'm so glad you called.  See you next time I'm in the South.
All the best, Spalding Gray"

"I think the fact that you do something like this during your massages, where you ask the person you're ministering to to let go of anxieties, worries, to release and let go, is one of the reasons I'm so wanting to get scheduled with you again. After my last massage with you, I was relaxed and centered for days on end.
You're quite good at your craft -- on numerous levels." - S.S.

"Great massage, very professional
Karla gave me two massages when I was 8 and 9 months pregnant, respectively. Those two massages were lifesavers at that point! Karla is extremely professional and has a very calm and soothing presence. During one massage, she told me about her training (I asked) and it was extensive. This is a woman who has continually sought out opportunities to learn new massage methods and techniques. She has a real talent to relating to your body and and its aches - and then soothing them all. I highly recommend her as a masseuse." - A.J.

"I have had several massages from Karla---sometimes for specific problems and more often strictly for relaxation. Each time I found her healing touch to be just what I needed to break through pain and stress. I don't believe in doctors very much; I do believe in Karla. She has "the touch." - Z.D.

"Karla worked on me and what a wonderful, relaxing experience. She has such a loving, giving heart that you can't help but feel better. My lower back and neck feel terrific but the really amazing thing is I NEVER mentioned to her about my "foot" problem. I've never been sure if it was actually my foot or related to my back injury but my right foot has serious problems alternating between numbness and grinding/shooting pain. Sometimes to the point of not being able to walk. But NOW it feels great! *crossing fingers* " - L.K.

Thank you for your wonderful coaching, you have assisted me in reaching the mountain top, I am now ready to fly! - D.E."

"Hi Karla!
Thank you so much for my body work yesterday! When I finally went to bed, I slept so well.
My back feels much more open and loose. Ah!!!!!!" - J.D.

Karla Linden heals back pain neck pain
While certainly every patient I serve is a VIP; I have been deeply honored to provide therapy to many people who are held in high esteem by the public.  Of those, my favorite was Coretta Scott King, who I served weekly during the last four years of her life: