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I began my interest in therapeutic massage by being a client at 19.  As I received massage therapy, I began to see the tremendous benefits of it in my life.  Before too long I became curious about the next step - what would it be like to practice therapeutic massage?  And how could I get the best training possible to be the best practitoner available to serve others.

These questions continue to be top of my mind, and I continue to seek new educational and training experiences, as I have in my career of almost 23 years.

I have been blessed to be trained by many masterful teachers, including Dean Juhan, Thomas Meyers, Jeanne Aland, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Thea Elijah, and Carole Osborne-Sheets.

I have been through apprenticeships as well as traditional educational programs, including the Professional Massage Certification at The Atlanta School of Massage.  And I learn something from every client I work with, and every session I do.   I'm grateful each morning that this work is my Life's Path, and that I can be of humble service.
Karla Linden heals back pain
Selected by the readers of
Albuquerque Magazine
as one of the best Massage Therapists
for 2010/2011

Named "Best Massage Therapist"
                                               CitiSearch 2007
Karla Linden is the author of
Masterpiece Massage:
Maximizing Wellness Between Sessions
Karla Linden, LMT, NMT began her studies in medical massage therapy in 1986 combining apprenticeships with renowned therapists and formal studies at the prestigious Atlanta School of Massage.  During the more than twenty years that followed she has seen thousands of patients and engaged in hundreds of hours of continuing medical education.  Most recently she has completed 700 hours of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on understanding acupressure points and meridian therapy.  In 2010 she completed an internship in a hospital in China which gave her deep insight and practical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Her studies in 2011 featured medical research in India.  Karla literally goes to the ends of the earth to provide the best possible care for her patients.  Over the years her extensive training has included:

The Neuromuscular Therapy Training Center – Atlanta, Georgia

Both Core and Advanced Modules on Trigger Point Muscular Relief Technique
     Received Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy

Hakomi Institute – Atlanta, Georgia
     Completed two year professional training in body-centered therapy program
     Continued study in numerous weekend programs and national conferences

Marshall Academy of Healing Arts – Lennox, Massachusetts
      Studied Dr. Ida P. Rolf's dynamic approach to Myofascial Release
      Received Certification in Connective Tissue Massage

The Trager Institute – Melbourne, Florida
     Trager bodywork focuses on psychophysical integration and Mentastics movement
      Certified Trager Practitioner

Kurashova Institute for Studies in Physical Medicine – Atlanta, Georgia
     Techniques of Russian Clinical Massage

Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Atlanta, Georgia
     Basic Whole Body Course

The Broad Reach of Bodywork – Atlanta, Georgia
     Karla Linden sponsored this 200 hour program featuring
     Thomas Myers – author of “Anatomy Trains” and former Anatomy Chair of the Rolf Institute
     Deane Juhan – author of “Job’s Body”

Reflexology Training by Whitehawk of Taos, New Mexico
     Received certification in Reflexology

Reiki I and II – Atlanta, Georgia
     Studied with Reiki Master Bernard Morin
     Received Certifications in Reiki I and II

BodyWork for the Childbearing Year – Atlanta, Georgia
     Studied with Carol Osborne-Sheets, author of Pre-and Perinatal Massage Therapy
     Received Certification in Pregnancy Massage

On-going studies in Dr. Arvigo’s Technique of Maya Abdominal Massage
     Leading to Certification in 2010
     Completed the Self-Care training in Tucson, AZ, and
     Professional Training with Dr. Rosita Arvigo in New Hampshire

Deep Tissue Massage:  Safe and Effective Techniques for Common Problem Areas –
     CEU training through Cross Country Education, Albuquerque, NM  February 2009

Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators Doula Training
     Karla Linden facilitated this training program in Atlanta, Georgia

Transformational Life Coaching Course – Phoenix, Arizona
     Studied with K.C. Miller at SWIHA
     Also completed STAR Teaching Courses I and II at SWIHA

Landmark Education Program  – Atlanta, Georgia
     Extensive study including The Forum, the Six Day, the Advanced Course,
     Communication Course I and II, The Wisdom Course, two Vacation Courses,
     and extensive assisting

Trance Dance Facilitator, Center for New Beginnings – Dahlonega, Georgia
     Received Facilitator Credentials

Hoffman Process – Napa Valley, California
     Completed Quadrinity Process and Q2 Graduate program

Grof Transpersonal Training in Holotropic BreathWork – Palm Desert, California
     Completed seven day training program with Stan Grof and Jack Kornfield

Chinese Medical Theory--90 hour course with Dr. Yu, DOM
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Medical Terminology--30 hour course with Dr. Hilary Broadbent, DOM
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Medical Chinese Language---30 hour course with Dr. Dawai Shao, DOM
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Introduction to Diagnosis--90 hours course with Dr. Paul Rossingol, DOM
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Acupressure/Acupuncture Point Energetics--90 hour course with Dr. Li Xue, DOM
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Acupressure/Acupuncture Point Location--90 hour course with Dr. Oddi, DOM
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Observation--52 hours
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Oriental Physical Therapy--45 hour course with Dr. Meyers, DOM
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Tai Ji and Qi Gong Theory and Practice--30 hour course
     Southwest Acupuncture College

Human Anatomy and Physiology--45 hour course with Dr. Daniel Cobb, DOM
      Southwest Acupuncture College

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation---Certification
     Southwest Acupuncture College

and this is just a sampling of her studies in healing therapy!  Karla Linden has been widely published in a variety of media including two volumes of internationally acclaimed poetry and the hot off the press Masterpiece Massage:  Maximizing Wellness Between Sessions.   Karla is active in civil rights issues, particularly regarding universal access to a wide variety of medical care.  She is a member of numerous civic organizations, active in the promotion of local arts, and frequently participates in spiritual retreats. 



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Albuquerque Massage Therapist Karla Linden heals neck pain and back pain