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Prenatal Massage by the skilled therapists of Masterpiece soothes your aches and pains, helps with circulation and reduces fatique and tension.  Karla Linden, LMT, NMT, has extensive medical training and over twenty years experience in providing massage for every stage of the process of becoming a mother.   Massage can be safe and vital to a healthy pregnancy, yet it requires a high level of expertise.  Masterpiece Medical Massage brings that needed skill and knowing compassion to the table so you and your baby are safe.

Karla Linden has trained and served as a doula, studied Maya Abdominal Massage with Dr. Rosita Arvigo, and is  certified  in pregnancy massage by Carol Osborne Sheets, teacher of Bodywork for the Childbearing Year and author of Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy.

The right setting and having the best training and equipment is essential to providing safe, effective, professional prenatal massage.  Masterpiece Medical Massage has six beautiful treatment rooms in their easily accessible healing center.  We feature the Body Support System,  a $900 specialized cushioning system, which allows women in every trimester to comfortably lie face down and on their side.  For many third trimester patients, coming to Masterpiece is the only time they can lay face down...this alone is soothing and helps facilitate realignment of of the spine.  Please review this video by the creator of the Body Support System
for more information on this wonderful pregnancy massage tool:
The Benefits of Skilled Prenatal Massage Include:

Improved circulation, reduced swelling of the hands and feet and assistance in the elimination of lactic acid

Reduced neck and back pain and relief for painful joints

Acupressure point therapy can minimize and sometimes eliminate nausea

Help with insomnia and/or aid in the quality of sleep through stress reduction

Is recommended by the American Pregnancy Association and Pregenancy Today Magazine.

Call Karla Linden at 340-9454
or email her for a free consultation on how Prenatal Massage can improve your health and the quality of life for you and your baby.

For women seeking to get pregrant and for those healing after birth, Karla's abdominal massage treatment, taught by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, can be especially beneficial.  Call for details.
                            Experienced, Medically-oriented Pregnancy Massage
by the Caring Therapists of Masterpiece Medical Massage
Karla Linden, LMT, NMT, Owner, Pregnancy Massage Expert
ObGyns, CNMs, Midwives:
Second only to former patients, our greatest referral source is local pregnancy professionals like you.  We understand that choosing the right prenatal massage therapist for your patients involves liability and the need for feedback.  We would be glad to provide contact information to other doctors who refer to us -- including doctors who came to us for their own prenatal therapy.  Whatever we can do to increase your comfort level, we will do.  Please advise us if you'd like to be faxed treatment notes for your patients.  It is our desire to be as professional and as caring as you are.

Some of our patients have a Medical "FlexPay" account through their insurance/employer.  We are glad to provide the documentation which will facilitate your being reimbursed for Prenatal Massage.

Call Karla at 340-9454 for an Appointment.
Call Masterpiece today to see and try the Body Support System---you'll love it!
Your a hit with prenatal massage from Karla
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